RUF returns to charge at the Geneva Motor Show with its new CTR

The German car manufacturer RUF has returned to news at the Geneva Motor Show. At the Swiss event has decided to take the CTR of 2017. As you can see from the photos, the model, which has presented this small manufacturer, looks like a copy of the original Porsche 911 however, the only thing that shares with this model is the stylistic inspiration To shape your body.

Therefore, it must be clarified that the model has been designed 100% by RUF. If we start with its chassis, the engineers of the firm have developed it using carbon fiber. Thanks to this, they have been able to create a monocoque that throws a final weight on the scale of only 1,200 kilos. On this chassis, a body is built entirely made by them. This one is composed of carbon fiber and is molded by hand by its artisans.

As it is obvious (and has recognized the signature) the design of the RUF CTR drinks much of the Porsche 911 G-Series that gave life to the original Yellow Bird that existed at the end of the decade of the 80. This model was a before and after in The automotive sector because it takes us to the time in which Porsche achieved its maximum of splendor. Of its interior, we do not yet have photos, but the firm has confirmed that it will be minimalist and will have seats in carbon fiber, sports steering wheel or aluminum pedals.

If it is necessary to speak of its mechanics, we must say that it will mount a gas block flat-six-bi-turbo with 3.6 liters of displacement, a final power of 710 hp and a maximum torque of 893 Nm. This mechanic will be located on the rear axle of the CTR and is attached to a manual gearbox with six ratios. In addition, RUF has provided this model with a limited slip differential, dual swingarm suspension, and carbon ceramic disc brakes.

With these attributes, the new RUF CTR reaches zero at one hundred kilometers per hour in just 3.5 seconds and dial 0 to 200 in 9 seconds. The maximum speed that this model is capable of comfortably surpasses 350 kilometers per hour and is at 362.

Finally, it should be mentioned that RUF will only produce 30 CTR units. The place chosen for this will be the factory they have in Pfaffenhausen. Its price and date of arrival to the market are not yet defined, but for sure its price will be respectable. Although it deserves it.


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