What has Honda prepared for the Geneva Motor Show?

We met the prototype at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2017. Now, Honda wants to surprise us at the Geneva Motor Show with the highly anticipated brand icon, the new Honda Civic Type R 2017.

But that is not all. Three will be in all the models with which the Japanese brand wants to delight our long awaited

A secret to you

The Geneva Motor Show will be the place chosen by the brand to present several models that undoubtedly will not leave us indifferent. Three models, Civic Type R, Clarity Fuel Cell and NeuV, will mark the different trend lines with which the brand wishes to differentiate itself in the future.

On the one hand, the hatchback with more history of the market. As we discussed the Honda Civic Type R will be presented two years after the arrival of its predecessor. Completely redesigned with respect to the conventional model. The arrival of the Clarity Fuel Cell to Europe and the presentation of the utility equipped with artificial intelligence NeuV.

Honda Civic Type R 2017

What do we know? 2.0 turbocharged VTEC engine, known by the ninth generation. Everything points to a power of about 320Cv with a progressive and more forceful response at half speed, probably accompanied by the front- wheel drive.

Its production will start in summer this year, being manufactured at the Honda UJ Manufacturing (HUM) plant in Swindon (UK). It will be the first time to see a Honda model with the name Type R in the North American market.

So, when will we meet him? You will be wondering … The date given is very close since the official presentation will take place on March 7 in the Honda Stand at about 11:30. Are you going to miss it?

Clarity Fuel Cell

There has been so much talk about the Clarity Fuel Cell that it seemed to be a vehicle for “experimentation”. Well, it is known to be commercialized in the United States and now, Honda intends to take it finally to the Old Continent. At the end of last year, some of the first units were brought in.

What is innovative? The Clarity Fuel Cell is currently considered the vehicle powered by hydrogen, most advanced in the world. Its maximum autonomy is around 600Km and has room for five occupants.

Because right now? Honda, is conducting a program in Europe called HyFIVE (Hydrogen for Innovative Vehicles) with which it aims to promote the use of fuel cell vehicles. A new way of understanding transport, being zero emission completely.


The small electric prototype is meant to be a revolution in the concept of driving. The NeuV incorporates an “emotional motor” with which, is able to adapt to the style of driving of the pilot.

It can operate as a shared vehicle so that, in the case of not being used, it can transfer its energy to the electric network when it is not in movement, sometimes of high energy demand; Which improves its profitability.

It will be a “smart vehicle“, able to learn from the driver’s emotions to offer completely personalized tips, directions, and suggestions.


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